Dan Bonell: The Inn Keepers view – Good Samaritan


This donation will provide you one unframed, signed professional print. It will be shipped to you in a protective casing for the safety of your print. It will be unframed so you can choose the best framing for your home, office or Church. This Dan Bonell (signed) artwork is frame ready professional print.

Our Artist Statement:”To me, painting is not about what I see, it’s about what I don’t see. This view is contained within my perception that philosophy, religion, and art are essential transforms of one another. My interests lie in the beauty of ambiguity held within the painting that pursues a sacred direction within the realm of Christology. Following the path of using a monastic discipline of Lectio Divina approach to my paintings allows a process of reading, reflecting, meditation and transformation to occur from my creation of the work itself to its own development and creation and back to me through a transformation or element of kenosis. My painting reflects on the ultimate human need to fulfill an intrinsic longing that extends from birth to death.  Simply put, it is a need to be held.  My art symbolically speaks to this notion, especially with darkness (black) embracing light (color), with negative space enclosing positive space, and with texture calling out to be touched.” Daniel Bonnell


The Inn Keepers view – Good Samaritan – unframed – Signed Artwork of Dan Bonell -100% of the donation will be going towards our training at Alexander College Israel.


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