Our Teaching Tour Schedule June 2018 Tour 2 OPEN $1600 Special! Tour 1 Closed 

Your teaching tour might include the following

Our 1st Sequence in our Journey

Arrival and transfer to Bet Immanuel Tel Aviv/Jaffa – evening introduction to lectures

Tel Aviv/Jaffa, no bus, Old City Jaffa walk and beach, lectures – Aaron – Kingdom of Heaven and Stephen – Church and Ephesians in Jaffa

Our Second Sequence in our Journey

Jerusalem Old City, Shabbat Dinner

Jerusalem Old City, Tower of David, Temple Mount, teaching Jesus in the Gospel

Jerusalem Old City, Mt of Olives, Stephen – Church and Ephesians

Jerusalem Old City and Christ Church Sunday

Our Third Sequence in our Journey

Around the Lake, Stephen – Church and Ephesians

Golan Heights, Aaron Kingdom of Heaven, Stephen – Church and Ephesians

Galilee – Jesus in the Gospels, Boat ride on Sea of Galilee

Caesarea, Aaron – Kingdom of Heaven, Stephen – Church and Ephesians

Closing Time of Worship –  Aaron – Kingdom of Heaven– Evening Panel with your Instructors.

– Leave for the USA