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The motto of Christ Church the oldest Protestant Church in Israel: “Jesus for the Jews and Jewish Roots for the Church,”

Our mission is: “To equip pastors/students in Biblical Studies that are embedded in our Jewish roots and enabling them to shepherd the Church into maturity in our Messiah King.”

“With Alexander as a Biblical Learning Centre, we will strengthen the pastoral students to live, love and lead as powerfully as the early church, to stand against the lies of the evil one today and when the great lie comes.” Rev Aaron Eime

The Church is expanding at a rapid pace in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. And the Church in the Northern regions of the world needs desperately to give a complete answer to the Hope we have, for such a time as this Alexander Biblical Learning Centre.

As the Body grows, so too does the need for trained Shepherds. You may be aware of the reports that the Church in China now numbers 120 million believers and is expected to grow by 20 million additional new followers of our Messiah Jesus by 2020. Assuming these numbers to be accurate, then in keeping with a ratio of 1 shepherd to 100 lay people, the critical need is to train 200,000 new pastors. With the world’s current mechanisms of bible colleges that are in place,this is an impossible task. A new method of education using social media and technology needs to be implemented. Thankfully, we have the technology to accomplish this, with you as a stakeholder we can do the task God has called us to serve others with in Israel.

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