The Land, The Kingdom, The Calling

Alexander Biblical Learning Centre

uOur goal is to change and strengthen our work in His Kingdom. So, why don’t YOU join us in June in Israel to uncover the depth of our “Roots” with our Teaching Tour by discovering the richness of our faith!

Core Christianity Teaching Tour – More Information COMING SOON!

The Land, The Kingdom, The Calling

Tour 1  – June 1-15 2019

These courses will be taught against the backdrop of the Old City, Northern Israel and other lush Biblical and Historical locations.
We will combine modern classroom experiences mixed  with in-the-field teaching as you discover His-Story in life-changing ways. Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity to experience great Biblical instruction in its original context and location, all with excellent local cuisine.
In your free time, explore the ancient, side by side with the modern, and join other believers from around the world in worship at Christ Church in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Teacher Tours and Alexander’s Shop Around the Corner – Teaching Tour Date June 1-15 2019

  • Teaching Tour 2019 — Price will be posted very soon!! 
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